Hearing Products in Guelph

Hearing Aids in Guelph

As an independent clinic we have variety of manufacturer choices available to you. Technology is always improving to enhance difficult listening situations in your daily life. Let us help you choose which solution best fits your lifestyle, budget and cosmetic concerns. 

Hearing Aid Warranty: We offer competitive warranties with continued maintenance and follow-up so you can get the most out of your devices.


Assistive Listening Devices in Guelph

Our concern for your safety in your daily activities comes first. Having a hearing aid helps communication with others as well as hearing your environmental surroundings. To enhance your daily living, we also offer other Assistive Listening Devices.

Some of these items include TV Systems, Amplified Telephones, Personal Amplifiers, Alarm Clocks, etc. We have limited stock in store but can place a special order for you.

Custom Ear Plugs in Guelph

Not only do we provide individuals the opportunity to hear, we also provide many customized molds to protect your hearing and/or ears.  We can mold a variety of plugs depending on your needs.  These include:

Our Myringotomy Plugs & Swim Plugs provide a seal to keep water from getting into the ear canal such as after surgery or to prevent infection.

Sentinel Plugs (26dB noise reduction) and Noise Breakers (20dB noise reduction) protect hearing in very loud environments.

Musician Plugs are available in 3 levels of attenuation (ER-9, ER-15, ER-25) and are designed to protect hearing while preserving the richness and clarity of music.

Other specialty molds are available such as pilots molds and sleep molds.

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