Hearing Aid Services in Guelph

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At Steffler Hearing in Guelph we offer a variety of hearing health services for your convenience. Below is a list of the services we offer in Guelph.

Hearing Aid Services in Guelph

Complimentary Hearing Tests in Guelph

We offer complimentary hearing tests for adults (18+). A complimentary hearing test and consultation takes approximately 1 hour, recommended every 1-2 years after age 45.

Hearing Aid Fittings in Guelph

We will teach you how to use your hearing aid, change the battery in your hearing aid and cover appropriate maintenance to help keep your hearing aid working for you.  A hearing aid is just part of the aural rehabilitation process. Any follow-up such as reprogramming, regular cleaning and yearly testing are provided complimentary for the life of your hearing aid.

Repairs of Hearing Aids in Guelph

We offer in-house repairs and service all makes and models of hearing aids where possible.  

Flexible Appointments in Guelph

  We strive to offer flexible appointment options. We are open Monday evenings and have appointments available most Saturdays    (please call ahead). Other appointments outside of our office hours can be arranged.

Hearing Protection in Guelph

At Steffler Hearing Aid Service in Guelph we offer custom impressions for hearing and ear protection. It only takes 10 minute and we accept drop-ins. We have a range of plugs for musicians, industry and swimming as well as sleep molds. For more information visit our products page or contact us today.

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