Hearing Aid Services in Guelph

At Steffler Hearing in Guelph we offer a variety of hearing health services for your convenience. Below is a list of the services we offer in Guelph.


Hearing Tests in Guelph

We offer no-obligation hearing tests for adults (19+). A full hearing assessment includes a case history of your hearing health, otoscopy, tympanometry, recording of pure-tone air and bone thresholds as well as speech testing. After the test your results will be explained and any questions you have will be answered. Hearing tests generally take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on whether hearing aid adjustments or other services are also necessary during the appointment. Recommended every 1-2 years. By appointment only.

Hearing Aid Fittings in Guelph

We offer prescription hearing aid fittings for most hearing losses. As an independent clinic we can offer a variety of hearing aid styles and technology from various manufacturers. We can help you decide on the right device for you depending on your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. We will teach you how to use your hearing aid, change the battery and cover appropriate maintenance to help keep your device working for you.  A hearing aid is just part of the aural rehabilitation process. Follow-up includes complimentary service such as reprogramming, regular maintenance and annual testing for the life of the hearing aid. Repairs are complimentary for the duration of the device warranty. By appointment only.

Repairs of Hearing Aids in Guelph

We offer in-house repairs and service all makes & models of hearing aids where possible. If your device cannot be repaired on-site we will arrange shipment to the manufacturer on your behalf. Manufacturer charges apply to device repairs not under warranty. Unfortunately, hearing aids over 5 years old have limited parts and service availability. By appointment only.

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