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Take Care of Your Hearing

Book your appointment with Steffler Hearing today and start your journey to better hearing health.

Your Hearing Health Professional,
Jennifer Steffler

Jennifer Steffler, a Hearing Instrument Specialist, has more than two decades of experience in providing Guelph with comprehensive hearing care. She graduated from George Brown College in 1999 and acquired ownership of the business in 2009, with a focus on providing personalized solutions for all your hearing needs.


Our Services at a Glance

Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

We offer comprehensive, no-obligation hearing tests for adults to determine the type of hearing loss you have and to recommend an appropriate plan for your situation. 

Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aid Fittings

Our independent clinic can provide prescription hearing aids that that are tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and budget. We teach you how to use and maintain your device. Follow-up care is also included.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our experts will get you back to hearing the world properly again. Manufacturer charges may apply to out-of-warranty repairs. Complimentary repairs for devices under warranty. 

prescription hearing

Steffler Hearing Provides Hearing Aids and Other Care in Guelph

Your hearing is a gift. Not just being able to communicate with friends and family, but also being able to hear the birds singing in the morning, understand the dialogue of your favourite movies, or sing along to your favourite songs – these are all things that can suffer when your hearing starts to fade.


Fortunately, we have solutions for that. At Steffler Hearing in Guelph, we provide hearing tests, prescription hearing aids, and hearing aid repairs that offer you the solutions you need to keep living your best life. We have been a family-owned and independently operated business since 1992, carrying on a mission to provide the best possible hearing solutions for all your hearing needs.


To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, please give us a call today.

Brands We Work With

As an independent clinic, we can find the right fit for you.

Our Presence Around the Web

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Can You Hear Me?

Our hearing tests can determine the best route forward for your hearing and health.

The Right Device

Our team can fit you with hearing aids that are best suited to your individual needs.

We Can Fix It

Our team of experts can repair most makes and models of hearing aids.

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