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Steffler Hearing Aid Service-About Us

About Our Company

Steffler Hearing Aid Service-History

Steffler Hearing is a beacon of hearing health excellence. We have been proudly serving the Guelph region since 1992, ensuring residents can maintain their aural health. As a family-owned and independently operated business, we are driven by a mission to provide unparalleled hearing solutions with professional, honest, and friendly service.

Our Founder's Legacy

Steffler Hearing was founded by Michael Steffler in 1992, with roots that trace back to a legacy of dedication to optical care and hearing aid services. Michael’s years of experience in the industry set the foundation for a business that is committed to enhancing your life through improved hearing.

Hearing Aid Service-Guelph
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Jennifer Steffler Continues the Tradition

Jennifer Steffler is a Hearing Instrument Specialist that has been practicing since 1999. Jennifer purchased Steffler Hearing in 2009, carrying on her grandfather’s mission. Jennifer is a mother of three and a long-distance runner, embodying her commitment to the community. Jennifer has been recognized as a 2010 Guelph Mercury '40 Under 40' recipient.

Our Services at a Glance

At Steffler Hearing, we prioritize your hearing health and well-being. We are an independent clinic that offers a range of hearing aid styles and cutting-edge technology from a range of manufacturers. Our commitment goes beyond assessments – we provide personalized fittings, comprehensive repairs, and ongoing support to ensure your journey to better hearing is seamless and rewarding.

Services Offered

Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests

Comprehensive, no-obligation hearing tests conducted by our expert team, tailored to adults (19+).Our assessments provide a holistic understanding of your hearing health, from otoscopy to speech testing.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing Aids

Personalized hearing aid fittings mean your hearing aids are designed to match your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our independent status allows us to offer a wide range of styles and technologies.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

Our experts can provide repairs on most makes and models of hearing aids. Complimentary repairs are available for devices under warranty, with the option for off-site repairs if needed.

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